Hamilton's Parade of the Pumpkins

Keeping pumpkins off the street

  • "Holey Curious George."
  • "Trapped between Mr. Trick and the wolf."
  • "So happy together."
  • "Kitty looks delicious. Run Kitty!"
  • "Hey Jack, get a load of this guy!"
  • "Who you looking at, pal?"
  • "You're next little buddy."
  • "Boo! Aaaa!"
  • "My hat's off to you."
  • "Look Fred, twins!"
  • "I spy with my little eye."
  • "The pumpkin nose."
Selections from the 2016 Hamilton Pumpkin Parade. Photographs compliments of Robin's Egg Photography.

Welcome To The Pumpkin Parade

Our vision: To fill Gage Park in a sea of lit jack o'lantern on November 1st every year. Bring yours out next year and join the mission.

Here's this year's poster:

Things to Bring to the 2018 Pumpkin Parade

  1. A carved pumpkin. This is essential for the event, of course.
  2. Artificial tea lights. These avoid being a fire hazard.
  3. A donation for Hamilton Food Share. A non-perishable food item is good, but a cash donation is even better as for every $1 you give, HFS has $5 of buying power, plus they can buy exactly the things that are needed.
  4. Your Halloween costume. Consider this to be October 32nd, so dress up!
  5. Cash for dinner. Waxy's on Wheels will be at the park serving delicious food from their truck. Waxy's has been a supporter of the Parade for a few years now, so let's give some back...and get some food too!