Hamilton's Parade of the Pumpkins

Keeping pumpkins off the street

Our Work

At Hamilton's Parade of the Pumpkins it is our goal to keep pumpkins off the street. Every year thousands of jack o'lanterns end their lives on the streets of our country. We all see them and remember that once they were a light in the darkness and only a cruel twist of fate led them to their ends. We turn our faces away in shame, wishing there was something we could do to prevent this tragedy. And now there is.

Every year on November the 1st, Hamilton's Parade of the Pumpkins gives the pumpkins of our city one more chance to proudly shine before retiring with dignity. Help our cause by bringing out your pumpkin. Be a part of the solution!

Every year pumpkins are smashed on the street which not only destroys the work that went into the jack o'lantern, but creates a mess for the city to clean or, worse yet, they cannot get to so it just rots on the street. The Parade of the Pumpkins not only gives your creation one more night to shine, but the pumpkins will be picked up by the City for composting.

In addition, Hamilton Food Share will have a drop box at the event so we can do even more good for our community.

It's also about pride. Ours is not the only community with a pumpkin parade, but ours is one of the smallest. Let's show them Hamilton pride by putting on the biggest, the best and most spectacular gathering of jack o'lanterns in Ontario.

Our History

The parade was the brainchild of Paul Tetley who loved jack o'lanterns and composting. He envisioned this as a small and intimite community gathering. After five years of post-Halloween fun with varying degrees of results, Paul could no longer host this event and sought someone to replace him.

Enter Alana and John Newstead. They are also lovers of pumpkins and Halloween and enjoyed the annual Parade. They and their daughter Dayinarah had attended the Parade regularly since the second year and welcomed the challenge.

They were not, unfortunately, large scale composters and had to find another way to retire the stars of the Parade. After a week of stressful searching they managed to touch base with the good folks of Parks North of the City of Hamilton. They volunteered to pick up the pumpkins for composting and have been avid supporters of the Parade.

A regular supporter since the 4th Parade has been Steven Waxman of Waxy's on Wheels. We are greatful for his support as the regular presence of a food truck lends to the profile of our event. As we grow, we hope that it will add to his standing as well!

Starting in our 7th year we've started supporting Hamilton Food Share with food donations. In our 8th year, they became a supporter and have publicized the Parade through their social media.

In the 8th year, the King and James CIBC joined our team and matched our food donation.

And Rob Middleton of Robin's Egg Photography has been there for as long as Alana and John. Plus he has been providing free outdoor family photography sittings since our 7th and 8th years!

Where do we go next? Come and see!